Freedom Season

Freedom Season

FREEDOM SEASON is something that anyone and everyone can celebrate.

FREEDOM SEASON is about We The People creating a season intentionally honoring our American Family with over a month of Liberty Celebrations. After reading the Declaration of FREEDOM SEASON, we hope that your imagination and creative juices will be stirred and you will have an enjoyable entertaining time celebrating FREEDOM SEASON with your family and friends along with many others. Think of FREEDOM SEASON as a month-long pep rally, tailgate party, or block party being the introductory celebrations leading up to the American Family Reunion July 1-4. Here are just a few ways you can celebrate FREEDOM SEASON:

  • Decorate your home, office, classroom, church, car or school in red, white & blue
  • Design and print FREEDOM SEASON signs and banners for your yard, car or business
  • Hold a block party to kick off FREEDOM SEASON on Memorial Day weekend
  • Organize a service project for veterans or active duty military members
  • If you are a Business Owner, have FREEDOM SEASON sales or other celebratory events during FREEDOM SEASON

The American Family Reunion Proclamation

Often when families have a family reunion, they come up with a theme for their reunion. The theme makes a statement about them and becomes a topic for conversation during their family reunion. Many families have family reunions around the 4th of July as they celebrate their individual family name along with our national family name. Since all family reunions happen at a time and a place, The American Family Reunion Proclamation is a call to reunite the American Family on the 4th of July wherever they can assemble in all 24 time zones for the celebration of liberty under The American Family Reunion Proclamation theme, “a reunion of present perspectives with past patriotism for future families, celebrating our origins, our heritage and our liberty.”

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American Family Reunion Proclamation

Freedom Season