Patriots Synonymous

Celebrating Patriotism Now in the Spirit of 1776


So what is Patriots Synonymous all about?

The origin of the word PATRIOT is from the Middle French patriote meaning compatriot, from Late Latin patriota, from Greek patriōtēs, from patria meaning lineage, from patr-, patēr meaning Father.

SynonymousAlike in meaning or significance, having the same meaning, strongly suggesting a particular idea,quality, etc. very strongly associated with something, having the same connotations implications, or reference.

In the Spirit of 1776, the Spirit of Liberty, Patriots Synonymous is about being Patriots Synonymous to our Founding Fathers. Patriots Synonymous is about being patriots whose patriotism is the same as (synonymous to) the patriotism of our Founding Fathers who were men of principled character and integrity, leaving us the legacy of our Constitutional Republic as the roadway to our liberty destination. As Patriots Synonymous, in the Spirit of Liberty we lead by example in word and deed by living in character with our Founding Fathers according to the true principles of liberty as Patriots Synonymous- just like – the same as – our Founding Fathers who also led by example in word and deed.

Often when we get involved in new things like The We The People Liberty Celebration, it is because we want to be in association with other like-minded people. When you become a member of the Patriots Synonymous family, you come into agreement with others across the country and around the world who hold to the Principles of Liberty we inherited from our Founding Fathers – a legacy we carry through from generation to generation. The objective of our Patriots Synonymous family is to give leadership in serving with other Patriots Synonymous family members to encourage and enlist others to participate wherever we are in this We The People Liberty Celebration of FREEDOM SEASON, The American Family Reunion Proclamation and the American Heritage Calendar as we make our We the People Liberty Celebration the 24/7/365 defining tradition of true liberty and patriotism for now and future generations.

Our Patriots Synonymous family is responsible for accomplishing this. Patriots Synonymous will use the We the People Liberty Celebration tools of the American Heritage Calendar, Freedom Season and the American Family Reunion Proclamation in organizing their celebration events wherever they are in promoting the We the People Liberty Celebration.

The handbook for our Patriots Synonymous family is titled PATRIOTISM NOW. As there were 13 original colonies, there are 13 letters in the words PATRIOTISM NOW. The principles of liberty in the Declaration of Independence are a reflection of the character traits of our Founding Fathers. These 13 letters form an acrostic of 13 words that are character traits of our Founding Fathers. These 13 character traits are called the 13 Stars of PATRIOTISM NOW. Therefore in being in agreement with the Spirit of Liberty and the principled character of our Founding Fathers being the example of both a true patriot and true patriotism, the Patriots Synonymous guiding documents for our family in the PATRIOTISM NOW handbook will be the 13 Stars-character traits, the Declaration of Independence and The Constitution of the United States of America.

Patriots Synonymous

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