What Is Your Life Story?

When LIFE is all said and done, our story is not as much about what we accomplish in life, but how we treat, relate to one another along the way, our journey. As your Relationship Mentor, my passion is to equip you with relationship tools with which to build a life of liberty in relationship to yourself, others and God.

What I do​

Encouraging, equipping you to live in resourceful
relationship with yourself, others and God.


What is the meaning and purpose of LIFE? 



Driven by our relationship with others, let's unpack this together.



How important is the security of your identity? Your money? Your personal, real and intellectual property?

Let's Talk

Let's visit about any questions, insights, or problems in your life, relationships with others and God. Click here and let's get the conversation started!

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Recommended Books & Materials

We need reliable tools to build the most effective, productive, resourceful relationships with ourselves, others and God. Check out these trustworthy tools and put them to work for you!

My story​

First Time on Dale Hollow Lake
Where in three days on the lake the fishing trio of Texas Dad, Kentucky son and their friend make memories for a lifetime.